About us

Welcome to medwork

We develop and manufacture instruments for therapeutic endoscopy since 1998.

Our products are used for gastroscopy and colonoscopy.

That’s why the production of these instruments – just like their usage – requires concentration on the task at hand, a precision-based approach to our work, and a level of presence without which successful interventions would not be possible.

We only do one thing

Because our focus is 100% on what we do best, our customers can rely on us to provide outstanding quality and safety.

A medium-sized business

We are the only manufacturer of endoscopic instruments that combines the dynamic approach of a medium-sized business with the stable structures and focus on commercial success of a large corporation.


Resource-optimized production and recyclable transport packaging minimize environmental impact. A combined heating and power generation system keeps our feet warm, and cooled absorption technology makes sure that we always keep a cool head.

Our employees

cannot do everything, but they can learn anything. Qualified and motivated employees are the basis for our success. That is why we offer each individual member of staff exciting career prospects by acknowledging their contribution, encouraging their talents and offering them targeted professional training.

There are values that
don´t appear on any balance sheet

We have been involved for many years in a variety of social and cultural projects. We also promote sport and support charitable associations and aid organisations at a regional and international level.

Regional roots, citizens of the world

Thanks to our international partners, you can find our quality products from the German region of Franconia on almost all important international markets.

Think global – act local!

„Made in Germany“ sounds good, german made is good

Our own criteria are considerably stricter than those stipulated by “Made in Germany”. That’s why our products are not tested and packaged in Germany just to meet the guidelines, but actually produced here by highly-skilled trade professionals.

products manufactured in Germany
product quality
of our catalogue items are manufactured in Germany
of our suppliers are from Germany

Profit from Germany as business location

  • Thanks to a dense network of local and regional partners we can arrange sustainable production, transport and logistics processes.
  • From production to sterilisation our “german made“ products are 100% manufactured and refined in Germany.
  • We pay our taxes in the full amount in Germany.
  • Whenever economically and ecologically possible, we cooperate with regional or national suppliers.

We call it “german made”.

Our guidelines

Our corporate guidelines are the basis for the conduct of all employees, from apprentice to managing director.

They reflect our vision of ethical conduct, represent the demands on ourselves and on business partners. At the same time they are promise to our employees and business partners.

  • Our business policy targets at the well-being of our company and its customers for the long term.
  • We condemn any kind of corruption, child labour, exploitation as well as unethical business conduct.
  • Neither private interests nor personal benefits influence our business decisions.
  • Our company and all employees are obliged by law without exception.
  • We publish business figures punctual and correct.
  • Any internal or external partnership is based on trust, competence, fairness and reliability.
  • We convince our customers with dedication, quality and service.
  • We pay each correctly raised invoice in time.
  • We live according the motto “wastage diminish and prevent” and participate actively in environmental protection.
  • Qualified and motivated employees are fundamental for our success.
  • We provide interesting career perspectives; we appreciate performance/efficiency and foster talents. Enhance strengths!
  • We respect each other’s individuality, regardless their age, sex, religion, background, disability or sexual orientation.
  • Through transparency, openness and honest acting we create a climate of mutual appreciation and trust.